School Logo, Mascot, and Seal

The School Logo
The Mercy Charism leads young women to engage in a continual rhythm of contemplation and action. In the logo, inward facing arrows representing contemplation, and outward facing arrows representing action meet at a center point. That center, combined with the four cardinal directions, suggest the five values of the Charism as well as the idea of instilling a moral compass, which is further reinforced by the circular container shape. The negative space inside creates a Holy Cross.


The Athletics Logo / Mascot
Wolves are fierce, strong, loyal, and intelligent. They are pack animals, devoted to the good of the group. Wolves rise to challenges, solve problems, and win as a team.




School Seal
The school seal illustrates the heritage at the foundation of Mercy McAuley. It emphasizes academic excellence by prominently featuring a book at the center of the seal. A cross above represents the tie to the Sisters of Mercy and a heart below represents the Mercy charism. Flanking the book are wavy lines, which reference the Ohio River and the flag of Cincinnati. The seal further emphasizes the Irish roots of the Sisters of Mercy and Catherine McAuley by using a stylized Celtic knot pattern as the border.