Mercy McAuley Students Unveil New Fight Song and Mascot Name!

Mercy McAuley Students Unveil New Fight Song and Mascot Name!

At an all-school assembly on Thursday, March 28, the name of the Mercy McAuley Wolf was revealed - LUNA - as well as the name of the school's yearbook, Pack Print! Also at this assembly, Mercy McAuley students unveiled the school's new fight song before the students, faculty and staff! The words to the song, titled "We Are the Wolves," were written by students Ariee Bess, Shannon Bronson, Francine Crowe, Jenna Daria, Cassie Duker, Audre Frigge, Emily Parsons (who also wrote the music) and Lizzy Schutte. Faculty members Mary White, Kathy Dietrich and Greg Bouman also assisted throughout the process. We are so proud of these students for their tremendous leadership and for making Mercy McAuley history! The lyrics are below, along with a video of these student leaders singing it during the assembly!

We are the Wolves (Mercy McAuley Fight Song)

We are the wolves, Loyal and strong,
Noble and true, Here we belong.
We are the wolves: The orange and the grey,
We will come through,
(Shout) Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
We are the wolves: See our pack pride,
The best there has been, Vict'ry in our stride.
We are the wolves and we're on the prowl,
In for the win, Hear our wolf howl!

(Shout and clap) MMHS! (repeat, each time getting faster)

Repeat song and end with a howl.