Mercy McAuley’s challenging academic curriculum focuses on individual excellence and personalized learning. Our offerings include a wide range of courses and electives, including many AP and Dual College Credit opportunities that prepare students for college and beyond. Click HERE to see the 2024-25 Course Offerings booklet.

Course Levels
Mercy McAuley offers courses at two levels in subject areas for which leveling is necessary for optimal student achievement. Students with a range of interest and ability will be served by individualized differentiation in the classroom instruction practices. From discipline to discipline and from year to year, a student may self-select and potentially change her course level with teacher recommendation. This flexibility allows for growing maturity, interest, or skills in any given subject area over the span of her high school career.

  • Honors Level – Honors courses challenge students with an in-depth accelerated curriculum of reading, writing, speaking, problem solving, research, technological and laboratory skills. The course content is above grade level, and the pacing is faster than its college prep counterparts. Students are required to read and write critically, engage in challenging problem-solving activities, and display higher levels of thinking. Students are placed in this level based on their records as incoming freshmen and on academic performance in subsequent years.
  • College Prep Level – College prep courses are designed for students whose needs are best met by a standard college prep curriculum on grade level. These courses fully meet the basic standards required by most university and post-secondary school areas of study. The courses incorporate language skills, research, technological, and problem-solving skills as tools in both high school and post high school endeavors. As needed, opportunities for academic intervention can be provided through Student Support Services. Students performing at the top end of the College Prep range may select courses from among Honors or AP offerings with teacher recommendation.