The distinctive Mercy McAuley class schedule allows for each class to meet three out of five days a week. On most days, students have four classes per day, plus TEA Bell - Time for Educational Advancement. TEA, an innovative aspect of the Mercy McAuley schedule, is unique among area high schools. TEA takes its name from Catherine McAuley’s famous virtue of hospitality, as she routinely offered warmth, friendship, and a cup of tea to guests and her fellow sisters.

The TEA bell provides three 60-minute periods a week during which students are immersed in numerous opportunities to advance their learning through personalized, individualized, experiential activities. The activities include blended learning, field trips, speakers, professional interaction with alumnae, expansion of coursework in the “regular” schedule, and a number of other possibilities.

Mercy McAuley’s schedule provides students with the opportunity to enhance our core subjects with a wide range of electives. A full listing of all course descriptions can be found HERE