Technology / Tablet PCs

At Mercy McAuley, each student has her own Tablet PC, an all-purpose device that provides students with advanced technology at their fingertips. Students use the tablet for organizing notes and homework, exchanging information with teachers, and for innovative, educational programs, online textbooks, and more. Mercy McAuley's Tablet PC program combines the best aspects of a traditional education with the technological skills that our students will need to be successful now and in the future. Every freshman is required to take a Computer Literacy course, which teaches her how to use her tablet and the extensive online resources available to her as a student at Mercy McAuley.

At Mercy McAuley, we believe that technology in the classroom must be fully integrated into how we teach. We’ve made a commitment to continually upgrade our technology infrastructure and train teachers to use technology to make education come alive in their classrooms.

Benefits of the Tablet PC

  • Each student uses innovative educational programs such as DyKnow, Blackboard, Google Apps, Office 365, Photoshop, and Premiere to create and exchange information as never before.
  • Mercy McAuley students have access to online textbooks (which include interactive and supplementary resources, as well as open source materials) all the time, and do not have to carry overloaded backpacks.
  • Staying connected through a uniform and consistent communication network benefits our students by offering them online class discussions and study sessions in the evenings. This gives them the ability to collaborate with one another in group assignments, and makes it easier for them to access and submit class work they miss in the event of illness.
  • Mercy McAuley students organize all of their class activities, notes, homework, and projects on the Tablet PC with One Note, virtually eliminating the need for paper and notebooks.
  • Foreign Language students learn perfect listening and speaking skills using Audacity.
  • The Tablet PC can be used as a traditional laptop with a keyboard, but also has a screen that will accept pen and touch input.
  • Every part of the Tablet PC is replaceable; most repairs are handled in house, so the Tablet PC is quickly returned to the students. Loaners are available for students to use while their Tablet PC is being repaired.
  • Mercy McAuley’s faculty and staff are devoted to teaching our students how to use advanced technology. Our faculty members believe strongly in the importance of incorporating technology into their classes so that our graduates will transition into college and work environments far ahead of the general population.