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Introducing the Clover:

Introducing The Clover. Originally coined by St. Patrick, the clover symbolizes the number three and the Holy Trinity based on its famous three green leaves. The Irish considered it lucky, especially when found with an additional leaf.

Our alumnae magazine will share its name with this plant for numerous reasons. Mercy McAuley is a school created from its legacy of Mother of Mercy and McAuley High Schools. Together, our three schools are symbolized within the iconic three leaves of the plant. Additionally, our Irish heritage, beginning with Catherine McAuley and the house she opened in Dublin, is reflected in the importance of the clover to Irish culture. With this name, we hope to make all readers of this magazine feel as though their high school experiences can be remembered and reflected in the experiences of those currently attending Mercy McAuley, and that we, as a Mercy community, feel lucky in our connectedness in one another.

The Cover of the Clover Magazine

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Cover of the 2019 Summer Magazine
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