September 4, 2018


"We must try to be like those rivers which enter into the sea without losing any of the sweetness of the water."

—Catherine McAuley


Dear Mercy McAuley Community,


I am pleased and honored to take this opportunity to reflect with you. I will send this communication to you on the first Tuesday of each month to engage you in the direction of our school, the successes of our students, and in opportunities to co-create a new, strong foundation for Mercy Education in Cincinnati. 


Mercy McAuley High School is a school of excellence centered in God, founded in the Catholic tradition and Mercy values, and strengthened by the history of our legacy institutions. Our faculty and staff, alumnae, parents, past parents, grandparents, donors, friends and our students bring their experiences, memories, joys, fears, expectations, hopes and desires for our new school to Mercy McAuley.


For each of us, every decision is personal, and every action affects the whole. We care deeply for the impact that Mercy McAuley and our legacy schools have had on our lives. In this, we share a common bond that can't be broken. At times the journey to this place may have felt like turbulent waters. I prefer to view it as Catherine's metaphor:  a strong, but steady flow of our river toward the sea. And now, it is our challenge and our responsibility to see that the "sweetness of the water," our community, is not diluted as we embark upon our long voyage to posterity.


Our voyage has already begun, and we need your help to steer us to calm, sweet waters! On September 12, we look forward to welcoming new potential Wolves for the first of many Shadow Days. Please take a moment to reach out to at least one 8th grade girl in your extended circle of family and friends, and invite her to spend a day with us at Mercy McAuley. She can register for a Shadow Day on our web site HERE.


In the coming weeks and months, we will also welcome various members of the Mercy McAuley community for our "Breakfast with the President" series, beginning with our College Hill resident neighbors. If you belong to a group that would like to engage in dialogue with me about the vision and direction of our Mercy McAuley community, or if you'd like to suggest a group that should be invited, please contact Kathy Jones in the Office of the President. These events are intended to be times for fellowship and community-building, and for establishing relationships with one another. Open dialogue is always welcome.


I very much look forward to meeting you as our adventure together unfolds; and I'm very, very proud to welcome each of you to the Mercy McAuley Community!


Patty Lusheck Ragio



Mercy McAuley High School

6000 Oakwood Avenue • Cincinnati, OH 45224 • (513) 681-1800

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