October 2, 2018


Dear Mercy McAuley Community,


While we officially celebrated the autumnal equinox in September, the feelings that Fall evokes are just beginning to creep into everyday life at Mercy McAuley. Fall is my favorite season. To me, it's more than the onslaught of "Pumpkin Spice Everything," or the official beginning of the Christmas shopping season. For myself, Fall is a celebration before the long winter days set in; it's nature's way of balancing a healthy dose of defiance with celebration.


The start of our school year was also a wonderful burst of energy and celebration—the launch of our new school, our new brand, and our new student body that gave us a source of ownership and great pride. It was the beginning of our unified journey. It was amazing and positive.


Over the past month, we have settled in and faced changes that our new school has demanded. Our "leaves" have begun to lose some of the greenery, and our thirsty roots are grabbing hold of a final dose of autumn rain in preparation for the winter months ahead. 


Our young women, like the leaves on the trees outside, revealed that they were not quite ready to change from green to gold (or orange)! They were not quite ready to release from their branches and give all of themselves to "the new."  Like the new autumn season, the changes that will transform us fully into Mercy McAuley High School are not quite complete. And, like the celebratory defiance of the last green of summer, our young women have made sure that we know their many and varied shapes and colors!


This, my friends, is a good thing!  This time and space are necessary parts of our process of becoming. The majority of the feedback we have received has been respectful, thoughtful and heartfelt, and we are grateful for this feedback. Some adjustments have been made, and we will continue to reflect, evaluate, and make additional adjustments as needed.


Now we are at a place, as Indian Summer turns to Fall, were we can finally begin the change of our true colors—and begin the "settling in" process that winter will bring. I am certain that for all, the coming months of winter will continue to challenge and shape us. That too, is a good thing!


May your October be filled with the sights, sounds and smells of Autumn.  May God, in His infinite wisdom, guide us through all of the Autumns.




Patty Lusheck Ragio



Mercy McAuley High School

6000 Oakwood Avenue • Cincinnati, OH 45224 • (513) 681-1800

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