Campus Ministry

At Mercy McAuley High School, spiritual development is integral to the life, education, and formation of our young women. Campus Ministry offers programs to meet the spiritual needs of all students. While some aspects of the student's spiritual development plan are required elements, all programs give students the freedom to express their uniqueness and gifts as created in God's image. We take a head, heart and hands approach to ministry – caring for the whole person. Campus Ministry's programs are centered in the Catholic tradition flavored by the Charism of the Sisters of Mercy.

Campus Ministry coordinates the liturgy, prayer, and retreat components of a Mercy McAuley education. Our Director of Ministry, Dave Nissen, collaborates with other departments, including Theology and the Service Program, to offer an interdisciplinary, complementary, and well-rounded approach to the faith formation of our students. We provide students with opportunities for mentorship, as well as time and space for spiritual growth, to ensure that their faith formation and spirituality stay with them long after they graduate.

Retreats are offered to students during all four years. The freshman one-day retreat focuses on Catherine McAuley’s story as well as the student’s story. This first retreat experience, required of all freshmen, challenges 9th graders to answer “Who are we?” by developing their own class identity and understanding the meaning of a Mercy community. At the sophomore retreat, students reflect on “Who is the Other?” This required one-day retreat provides students with the opportunity to examine value judgements and spend time serving others. The required junior retreat is an overnight at the Bergamo Center in Dayton. Students answer the question “Who am I?” by examining their value and worth as young women created in the image and likeness of God. The optional senior retreat encourages students to answer the question “How is God calling me forward on my journey?” This three-day retreat takes place at the Jesuit Spiritual Center in Milford, and is the culminating experience of our retreat program.

Any questions about our campus ministry programs can be directed to Dave Nissen, Director of Ministry, at (513) 681-1800 x1132 or