Clubs & Student Organizations

No matter where students’ extracurricular interests lie, there are dozens of clubs and activities from which to choose at Mercy McAuley. Each club provides students with opportunities to develop their own interests and leadership skills and to meet new friends who share their passions.

Clubs are formed based on student interest, and our students take the lead in developing clubs. There's an easy process for students to follow to propose new clubs. Clubs and student organizations currently offered at Mercy McAuley include:

  • Academic Team         
  • Anime Club              
  • Art Assistants/Art club                  
  • Book Club                                          
  • Bucket Drumming     
  • Campus Ministry      
  • Culinary Club
  • Drama Club                  
  • Eco Club                    
  • Fearless Initiative      
  • Film Club                   
  • French Club                           
  • Gaming Guild           
  • Global High School Club         
  • Key Club                      
  • Latin Club/Certamen             
  • Mock Trial                             
  • Multicultural Club                 
  • National Honor Society         
  • Philanthropy Club                 
  • Photography Club                 
  • Spanish Club                          
  • Student Ambassadors            
  • Student Council                    
  • Walk In Faith                         
  • Women Making History