You may always give to Mercy McAuley in honor or in memory of a family member, friend, loved one, teacher, etc.  Tribute gifts are wonderful ways to honor someone by contributing to Mercy McAuley, which means a lot to them.  You may wish to celebrate a birthday, wedding, new baby, graduation, or any special occasion by giving a tribute gift to Mercy McAuley.  They also serve as expressions of sympathy by honoring the memory of someone special. 

We acknowledge all tribute gifts to Mercy McAuley with a letter, informing the recipient or their family that a donation has been made in their honor or memory.  We do not disclose the amount of the gift.

You may mail a check made payable to Mercy McAuley, attn: Advancement Office, 6000 Oakwood Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45224. Or click here to make a tribute online and include the honoree's name at the bottom of the form.